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As you know, there is a ton of information about musical instruments, lessons, and just about anything else music related on the Web. However, when it comes to getting in-depth information about guitar and bass strings on the Web, there are some significant problems that occur. In many cases, the sources of information are too vague, skewed, or just simply incorrect. You can find the problems coming from one of four places:


1. Retail websites selling strings - Their focus is on selling strings. Their information typically concentrates on the basics about strings, or it is simply non-existent. Also, they tend to be a little biased towards the brands they carry.


2. A string manufacturer's website - A nice source of information, BUT the information has a bias towards their own product. Here is the reality check: Have you ever seen a string manufacturer's site talk in-depth about the problems of their own product? Of course not. In addition, many of these sites are crammed full of marketing sales hype and testimonials by musicians being paid big bucks to endorse the product.


3. Someone's guitar instruction website - Their focus is on teaching people how to play. Again, the information covers the basics such as how to change the strings and tune them. Most music instructors do not have the formal science background, or the credentials, to teach the topic in-depth beyond the basics.


4. Musician's magazines and publications - Their business is advertising. There is good information to be found in the major magazines. However, the information is not subjective enough, and is a little biased towards the string manufacturers who advertise with them. Their product reviews would never trash a string manufacturer who gives them millions of dollars every year to advertise in their magazine. Think about it. Remember, their business is advertising. They do not want to bite the hand that feeds them.


Clearly, a new honest in-depth source of information about strings was needed. Thus, was born.


Why this website?

The focus of Professor String is about string education, research, and honest information. I started Professor String as a passion and a means of teaching musicians about a subject that is often over simplified and has become increasingly confusing with new technology and hype. The subject is strings, and only strings. Whether you are a guitarist, bassist, violinist, celloist, or an autoharp player, strings are the components that make the sound we all love to hear. Professor String does not recommend strings or teach you how to play them. Rather, Professor Strings teaches you how to make your own decisions about strings in an educated manner. As the old saying goes: Give a man a fish, and he eats for a day. Teach a man how to fish, and he eats for a lifetime.






Background & Experience
Over the years, I have consulted with many professional instrument technicians, senior level executives, sales professionals, marketers, and manufacturers in the stringed instrument business. I have founded several successful businesses over the years, including an innovation management firm and a tradeshow marketing firm. In addition, I have authored numerous patents in magnetic sensor design for clients. I carried this knowledge into the realm of electro-magnetic pickup theory, vibrational ferrous targets, and hi-fi musical instrument design. In short, this is the basis of work that gave me the ability to advise clients on how to design strings, pickups, sensors, as well as small vibrating ferrous targets.


Professor's Motto: "It is fairly easy to invent, design and build a product. The real challenge is convincing somebody that they should buy it."


Some of my clients have included Shure Brothers, St. Louis Music, Honeywell, Allegro, Ansoft, Arnold Magnetics, ITW, and Cherry. In addition to my work, I have been a guitarist and bassist for over thirty years. Along the way, I spent many years performing and teaching the concepts of guitar and bass. Now, I am sharing my experience and knowledge with folks like you to use.