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"Doc, I have been playing guitar for 37 years. I thought I knew my stuff when it came to guitar strings. Boy, was I wrong! Your writings have taught me things about guitar strings that I have NEVER seen before. Love it!"

Gary Schultz, IN

Guitarist & Instructor

Experience: 37 yrs.


"I just used one of your little secrets. My guitar now stays in tune during our entire show. Thank you for your teachings and insight into an overlooked component of the guitar."

Hal Busse, TX


Experience: 24 yrs.


"Hey Doc! Thanks for writing the killer articles!"

Jeremy Stewart, GA


Experience: 7 yrs.


"Finally, someone has provided some unbiased details about guitar strings."

Guy Giorkovsky, UK

Guitarist & Bassist

Experience: 14 yrs.


"Hi. I wanted to send you this email and say thank you for such detailed perspective on the guitar string business. I have been selling instruments for over twenty years, and your information has been a tremendous help with my customers. Thanks again!"

Bob Cogan, AZ

Guitarist, Bassist & Lap Steel

Experience: 38 yrs.


"You really know some serious sh*t about strings! I'm f*cking blown away!

Mark Callagene, OH


Experience: 9 yrs.


"The best information I have ever seen about strings. Most players overlook the details you discuss. The articles are well written and very helpful. Keep up the good work."

Rick Barr, NV

Bass Instructor

Experience: 19 yrs.


"My mom and dad got me a used guitar for my birthday last March. I just started taking lessons. My guitar instructor told me about your website. He said it's the best place to go and learn about strings. I agree."

Sarah Barnes, FL


Experience: Just started.


"I had been playing [mentions brand] strings for many years. Your recent article made me switch to a different brand of strings. Thanks for helping me open my eyes to other possibilities. It has made a difference."

Tom Crawford, British Columbia


Experience: 29 yrs.


"I used to work for the nations largest guitar retailer. I wish I had known about your website back when I was working at the store. It would have made my life much more simple."

Tony, IL

Guitarist & Drummer

Experience: 14 yrs.