Strings 101 - Bass Strings

Bass strings are constructed similar to guitar strings. They both have a core and an outer wrap wire. Since bass strings require more mass, and extra outer wrap wire is wound around an inner wrap wire. Figure 1 demonstrates how the inner wrap wire (primary winding) couples to the core wire similar to a standard guitar string. The outer wrap wire (secondary winding) is wrapped around the primary winding and core wire. The core wire is often thicker in gauge compared to a standard guitar string, and often has a larger ball end. Since the bass guitar has a longer scale (between 34" to 35") it is a much longer string than the standard guitar string. Just like standard guitar strings, bass strings can come in round wound, semi-round wound and flat wound configurations as seen in Figures 2, 3 & 4.


Figure 1. Bass String Construction



Figure 2. Round Wound Bass String



Figure 3. Bass String Construction



Figure 4. Bass String Construction



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